Our Services
Services provided by our firm include, but are not limited to:
Our firm's staff has the required technical knowledge, experience and familiarity with state and federal regulations, as well as grant programs to efficiently manage, complete projects and successfully represent our client's interest.
  1. Flood Insurance Documents
    Our firm can provide necessary field work to complete Elevation Certificates and Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) for use with flood insurance purposes.
  2. Municipal Consulting
    We offer municipal consultation, from monthly meeting attendance, phone consultation, construction design, inspection and supervision, plan reviews and feasibility studies.
  3. Private Consulting
    We offer consultation at all points of the project, from site location, planning, design, execution, inspection and completion. There are no insignificant questions.
  4. Surveying
    Land, topographic and construction surveys, as well as, site engineering, lot consolidation and subdivision plans. Key personnel have received continuing education in boundary law to keep up to date with the latest in surveying practices. Our firm routinely offers its expertise to a variety of governmental agencies.
  5. Technical Support
    As a part of our commitment to provide complete engineering services, we maintain surveying, mapping and drafting capabilities, with complete CAD, word processing and state-of-the-art surveying equipment including GPS.
  6. Site Development
    From conceptual layout, cost estimating, to final design, we offer a full range of hydrological, wetland delineation, and erosion and sedimentation control services to help coordinate all aspects of the project from inception to completion.