Frequently asked questions

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    Aren't there copies of all property surveys on record at my local courthouse?
    Most often, they are not, sometimes copies of surveys are attached to the deed, but this is not the norm. However, there are tax maps, which give you a general idea of what your property looks like. Most subdivisions are on record at the courthouse.
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    Why do banks require a survey when I buy a home?
    They are looking for a sealed survey that shows the actual location of the home on the property. This way, they know exactly what they are providing a mortgage for.
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    How do I know what I own?
    Generally, you own what property is listed in your deed. It may be listed simply as a lot in a plan of lots, a tax parcel number, or a complete listing of the legal description of the property. However, unless you have it surveyed, you won't know exactly where on the ground your property is located.
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    How much property is an acre?
    It is 43,560 square feet.
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    I have a distance to my property line from my house shown on a survey. Can I simply use a measuring tape to find out its location?
    While this will give you an idea of where your property is located, the slope of the land comes into play, because this distance listed on a survey is listed as a horizontal distance, not a slope distance. The only way to know for sure is to have your property staked out.
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    How can I get my question listed here?
    Simply email your question to us.

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